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that that is the studio of Sabrena Wishart, an interior designer who believes in the power of space and design to enrich the lives of the people within those spaces. From studio apartments to shopping plazas, Sabrena considers every space to have the potential to provide a gratifying experience, whether it's your first time there, or your thousandth. 

With experience in construction, carpentry, painting, photography, sewing, music, and more, Sabrena's approach to designing space is comprehensive. Pulling from over 10 years working in food service and retail, she knows how important function is to form, and always centers the feeling of being in a space when crafting solutions and designs. 

As an artist, Sabrena has spent her life working across mediums and processes, always curious how things are put together and what makes something look or function the way it does. This constant pursuit to know more led her to return to school for a graduate certification from Moore College of Art & Design to add to her BA from Vassar College. Completing the program in 2021, she cultivated a specialized skill set for architectural and interior design. 

With the inextinguishable spirit of do-it-yourself, Sabrena's first project was the full concept, design, and construction of her own retail store, Worm's Emporium on S 4th St, Philadelphia. From floor plan concepts to scraping popcorn off of ceilings to lighting design to furniture sourcing -- she understands how to bring a concept to completion because she has done it herself. 

Ultimately, your space should feel how you want it to. Whether you want an engaging retail store, a calming café, an inspiring office, or a cozy living room, that feeling will always be the guiding spirit to the project. 

Sabrena works best in helping clients arrive at the best design for them and their goals. Reach out to schedule a consultation to see how Sabrena can help you with your next project. 

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