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that that is the studio of Sabrena Wishart, multi-disciplinary designer and artist. Her work includes interior design, stage design & construction, woodwork, metalwork, textiles, painting, furniture restoration, fiction & essay writing, music, space planning, illustration, vintage sourcing, and more. 

Pulling from such a variety of mediums and practices, Sabrena approaches projects with a wealth of information and experience, crafting creative solutions that break out of the box of the boring and contrived. She never settles for "what usually is," instead pushing herself and clients for "what could be." 

After receiving a BA in English from Vassar College she spent a decade working in various service and retail jobs, honing her art practice, and playing music in many, many bands, as is the fate of all drummers. In 2021 she completed a graduate certificate program at Moore College of Art & Design for Interior Design. Now, in 2024, she is teaching at the same program.


She is currently taking on interior design projects in both commercial and residential, as well as stage design and production. 


 As she says, "Everything is good depending on what it is."

It is just a matter of figuring that out, and she can help you get there. 

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